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What makes marching band so unique?

Happy October! We hope you enjoy the experiences of marching band shared by the Co-Marketing Manager, Daniel Ma.

"Marching band brings a physical aspect to band and teamwork is even more vital in this event."

The biggest difference between middle school and high school band is that high school band introduces marching band. Marching band brings a physical aspect to band and teamwork is even more vital in this event. Compared to concert performances, where it may be difficult for the audience to identify if the band is making mistakes, audiences can much more easily tell when a band makes missteps during their marching show. This encourages all members of the band to work their hardest during marching practices so that they can put on their best show during the football game.

Marching band also builds close bonds among all the players. We spend so many hours together, working hard at practices, performing our best during the show, and cheering on our football team during the game, so of course the band community has arguably the tightest bonds of any extracurricular group. Even the relationships between marching bands from different schools are positive. Our director always stresses that all bands are a part of this big family that supports each other in what we do. Whenever we see a band that is worse than us or didn’t perform great, we will give them words of encouragement after the game. If a band performed outstandingly, we will praise them for their performance.

Overall, marching band brings a much more fun and interesting aspect to band. Even though you might sacrifice a few hours of your week practicing without the A/C, the discomfort you feel is temporary, but the happy memories you make will last a lifetime.

Author: Daniel Ma

Editor: Catherine Wu, Kevin Zhang


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