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Why do we play music?

Please enjoy a short essay written by a new addition to our team, Alex Wang.

"Playing music shouldn’t feel like a burden."

Many students today may believe that playing a musical instrument is onerous and tiresome, almost as if it's something that they force themselves to do every single day with great effort. Playing music shouldn’t feel like a burden. We should play music as a way to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Personally, I play the violin as a way to relieve stress and escape from adversities in my life. Whenever I feel stressed out, whether it may be school troubles or relationship matters, playing the violin helps reduce my anxiety and motivates me to not give up. Playing music is a great way for us to express ourselves. By simply looking at a piece, we can find many aspects within the piece that can evoke different images and emotions in our mind. When we practice, we should implement musicality into our playing instead of solely playing the correct notes and techniques. Furthermore, in performances or auditions, while playing accurately is quite impressive to audiences and judges, it is most important to allow ourselves and others to feel the music. Therefore, I believe that playing and practicing a musical instrument isn’t something we should have a negative attitude towards, but rather something that we should appreciate and love.

Author: Alex Wang

Editor: Catherine Wu, Kevin Zhang


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